Atlantic School of Theology Faculty Association

Strike Vote: Press Release

For Immediate Release
Friday, February 4, 2011


HALIFAX – With 100% voter turnout for a strike vote held on February 1, 2011, members of Atlantic School of Theology Faculty Association (ASTFA) voted unanimously in favour of a strike mandate. This authorizes their executive to declare a strike if the ASTFA and the Atlantic School of Theology (AST) Board of Governors fail to conclude a collective agreement through the bargaining and conciliation process. Alyda Faber, President of ASTFA, comments, “The strong strike mandate reflects ASTFA’s seriousness in pursuing a fair agreement without further delays.”ASTFA was formed in 1998 to represent the faculty and librarians at AST. It was certified as a union in 2010, and has been in negotiations with the AST Board of Governors for a first Collective Agreement since April, 2010. In December, 2010, after 8 months of very slow progress in negotiations and with progress stalled in key areas, the union filed for conciliation. This process is now engaged. “Conciliation is a promising process, and the membership and negotiating team believe that an appropriate settlement is possible within that framework,” says Rob Fennell, ASTFA Chief Negotiator. He adds, “This will require a serious commitment from the Board of Governors to respect today’s norms of University employment in Nova Scotia.” A number of key issues remain to be resolved. These include salaries, status of professional librarians, and workload. ASTFA bargaining positions, strongly re-affirmed by the membership, reflect the Association’s commitment to achieving a fair collective agreement which protects member rights, is aligned with Nova Scotia university sector norms, and ensures the future of AST.

For more information, contact:

Alyda Faber
ASTFA President
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Rob Fennell
ASTFA Chief Negotiator
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